4 Play Karaoke was established in 1999 by Dave D’Brass. Dave has been in the entertainment business since the age of 7, & now at the age of 40 has a wealth of experience behind him. He started as a lead vocalist & also plays drums as well. As a drummer his biggest achievement was playing to sell out concerts world wide including Wembley with Elvis Presley’s backing band, The Jordanaires in 1989.In 1995 he joined Seamus Moore a famous Irish entertainer. Whilst on tour with Seamus he also had the pleasure of backing many other famous Irish entertainers including Tony Allen (Foster & Allen), Ritchie Kavanagh, TR Dallas, Larry Cunningham Philamena Begley, Mick Flavin and many others. Whilst on tour with Seamus he was asked to join Top Irish show band The Whole Shabang (formally known as Tweed).

In 1999 he broke his wrist whilst on tour in America with the Whole Shabang forcing him into an early drumming retirement. It was then that he noticed that Karaoke was still popular in quite a few pubs in & around London and set out on a new journey to exploit what he noticed many Karaoke Hosts lacked. First of all, he went around to lots of venues and found the best sounding Karaoke by far in & around London. “Lynton Karaoke.” Anton & Lynne who run Lynton kindly gave Dave all of their advice and helped to get 4 Play Karaoke up on the road from organising song books right up to getting the perfect sound equipment. To begin with, the equipment used had to be of a very high standard. Some KJ’s (Karaoke Jockeys) use a good microphone for themselves so that they sound good and then give a cheap £10 mic to the people who get up & sing. Lynton & now 4 Play Karaoke only use the best microphones on the market. Sure Beta 58 & SM58 Radio Mics are used by everybody who wishes to sing. Everything used is quality P.A. equipment, allowing everyone (well almost), singing like a star.

Secondly the song selection had to cover every angle. All the golden oldies, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Spanish and Australian songs are also in abundance in his song book. His book is updated every fortnight with all the latest Chart music. On many occasions, he has songs on Karaoke even before they are even in the charts or released in record shops to buy.

Finally he always insists on making the customers the star for the night. Dave is always ready and able to help anyone who needs help singing a song, and unlike far too many Karaoke Hosts, never tries to hog the microphone by taking over and singing half the night and not giving the customers a chance to sing themselves. (To hear Dave singing a song himself, please click on the link above or below.)

The more the customers sing, the better Dave feels he’s done his job. A successful night for Dave is to be inundated with so many requests and he does not have enough time to sing any songs himself all night long..

For more information Contact Dave on: 07956 509 36 Or E-Mail: dave4pk@yahoo.co.uk